Our Practice Areas

A Maryland landlord-tenant attorney firm, the main focus of our office is representation of landlords in the state. In addition to rent cases, we also handle all legal matters for landlords including Breach of Lease and Tenant Holding Over litigation, Rent Escrow cases, lease drafting, defense of lawsuits, etc.  We represent very large corporations as well as individual landlords.  You will find value and efficiency in engaging a law firm to handle all of your legal matters including rent cases because:

Attorney supervised/litigated rent cases.  You can have attorneys as opposed to non-attorneys supervising and/or litigating your rent cases. Ted Maher alone has been a practicing landlord-tenant attorney in Maryland since 1997. Plus, if you call us, you will find our fees may be lower than what you are currently paying.

Consolidation of your legal matters.  Consolidation of your legal matters with one firm is cost effective and expedient because of the familiarity that will arise between our staff and the efficiency that will result when you work with full-service law firm that can handle your rent cases as well as your other legal matters including litigation.

Please contact us at our Baltimore office to discuss this further. 

Practice Areas: